In September Cape Classics celebrated its 25th Anniversary! To commemorate we will be sharing stories over the course of the next year...

Kristen Wolfe Bieler

"Being a pioneer is hard. Cape Classics chose the road less traveled, and has worked tirelessly since to promote a category that has struggled to gain ground on our shores. Andre, Rob, Molly and their team’s relentless determination to show the U.S. market how beautiful and characterful the wines of South Africa can be has paved the way for the entire category."

– Kristen Wolfe Bieler, Beverage Media

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Chris Underwood

"Cape Classics has built a solid reputation as a pioneering importer. Your 25-year success is a tribute to your commitment and passion for the fantastic wineries you represent. You deserve to celebrate the important role that Cape Classics has played in driving awareness in the U.S. for the wines of South Africa. Congratulations on 25 years!"
– Chris Underwood, CEO, Young’s Market Company

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Nicole Ramos

Do you recall the first wine you tried in the portfolio and your reaction to it?

"Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon…been in love with it since!"

– Nicole Ramos, Cape Classics Sales Manager

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Philippe Pacalet

"We first ran into André Shearer at the wine show in Saumur and that was followed by a visit to Beaune where Monica and I first met him. We very quickly realized that we had, at last, met someone talking the same language as ourselves and adhering to similar tastes and values. Up until that time, we had always been a bit frustrated by the complexities resulting from the size of the American market, very hard to work in for tiny companies like ours. We then met a number of members on the team and were delighted to find such enthusiasm and professionalism all surrounded by the same core values that we found in Mr. Shearer. We are hoping to discover new areas in the US market which we have not yet explored, thanks to the help we get from Cape Classics and in the meantime, we enjoy having a partner with whom we feel in such harmony."
– Philippe Pacalet, Maison Philippe Pacalet

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Jeff Mooney

"The most pivotal moment for me at C/C that really had in impact on me, was my trip to South Africa. It put into perspective that what we do on a regular basis impacts the Families, Worker, and Farms that are all associated with the brands we sell. "
– Jeff Mooney, Chesapeake Regional Sales Manager

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